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Spotlight on the East Campus Physical Education Department

Our students have shown amazing progress in physical education this school year! In warm-ups we work on stretching our muscles and increasing our strength and endurance. Most kindergarten students now have the abdominal strength to do 20 sit-ups! Improvement in cardiovascular endurance allows our students who to work towards completing their mile run with ease!

In our classes each week, students work on hand-eye coordination and motor skills as we learn the skills and rules of specific sports gameplay. Besides playing fun games, we have learned about various sports such as: flag football, basketball and currently hockey. We will learn lacrosse, soccer and baseball to reinforce skills learned throughout the rest of the school year. Please practice these skills and exercise with your children at home to promote a healthy lifestyle, and it is also a great family bonding activity!

Feel free to email Coach Andy anytime to discuss anything related to the fun and healthy activities we promote in our Physical Education program.