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5th Grade Visit to Campus

Fifth Grade students from Hochberg Lower School East Campus visited Main Campus 5th Grade students and toured the Posnack School campus. Click for photos.

An Unexpected Relationship

In פרשת כי תצא, this week’s Torah reading, we come across a striking example of an unexpected textual relationship. In chapter 22, verse 7 the Torah states, “You must first send away the mother and then you may take the young, so that it will be good for you and your days (life) will be lengthened.” Earlier in ספר דברים chapter 5, verse 16 the Torah says, “Honor your father and your mother … so that your days be lengthened and so that it will be good for you…” By the proper performance of these two mitzvoth, the Torah assures us the reward of a long life. Is this identical reward just a coincidence or is there some important philosophic and ethical connection between them?