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The Crime of Envy

The Crime of Envy

Parshat Yitro contains the most widely known section of all biblical verses. They are commonly referred to as the 10 Commandments although Talmudic analysis clearly demonstrates that they contain more than 10 commands or mitzvot. The Torah accurately uses the term עשרת הדברת or “10 Statements,” and as Rav Saadia Gaon explains, they are the 10 broad and general categories under which every one of the 613 mitzvot of the Torah falls.

Posnack School Women-Only Megillah Reading

Posnack School is having another Women’s Megillah Reading (read by women for women only) at school on Purim day, March 21. If you are interested in reading a section of the Megillah or even just a few lines, please contact Dr. Dahlia Zohar: Happy Purim!

East Campus STEM Update for January

Find out what our Hochberg Lower School students have been up to in their STEM studies. Click on the headline above for our January STEM newsletter and some videos.

Fischer High’s Les Misérables Thrills Audiences

This week’s performances of the Fischer High production of Les Misérables thrilled audiences. Those lucky enough to have tickets for Sunday’s sold-out performance are in for a great show. Click to see beautiful photos courtesy of Posnack School parent Claudia Cusnir. Kol ha-kavod to cast and crew.